Conditions of Participation


The First International Song Competition "Bolko von Hochberg" was originally planned for March 22-25, 2021. Due to the Corona regulations in Saxony, it did not take place and was postponed to June 12-16, 2022. No more registrations will be accepted for this year. After a first selection between the registrations, 86 duos were selected, which can be viewed under the following link .

However, the following conditions of participation can serve as a guide for the next edition of the competition. It will take place in 2024 under the motto "Folk Song".

Accompanied professional singers are eligible to participate

Your pianists of any nationality aged  20 to 40 years (born between January 1, 1981-December 31, 2000) for the singers and from 20 years for the pianists.

It is also possible to participate without bringing your own piano accompaniment. In this case, an arrival two days before the start of the competition is required to rehearse with our pianists.  

The winners of the competition undertake to participate in the final concert (Friday, March 26, 2021), the program of which will be determined by the jury.

The latest entry date for all participants with piano accompanists is March 21, 2021.

Participation is at your own expense.

The participation fee is €30 per duo to be paid into the association’s account (please only use a euro account):  

Ars Augusta eV

Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien

IBAN: DE54 85 0501 0002 3205 0392  


Sign up


To register for the competition, please fill out the complete registration form and send it to by Monday, November 30, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. * along with the following documents

Required Documents:

1. Completed registration form ( English or German )

2. Current short biography (approx. 1200 characters)

3. Recent representative photography (good quality)

4. Further link to a current demo recording (two audio or video, song/opera/oratorio)

5. Scan of an ID card.

6. Proof of payment of the admission fee (30 €)



Confirmation of qualification will be communicated within three days of registration.


1st prize: €6,000, recitals and 1 sound recording

2nd prize: €4,000, recitals and 1 sound recording

3rd prize: €2,000, recital and 1 sound recording

Special prize for the best piano accompaniment: €1,000

The Sudeten Philharmonic "Józef Wiłkomirski" in Waldenburg is donating a prize in the form of a concert in the 2021/2022 season for singers who will take the first three places.

Concerts by the award winners will be remunerated and will take place in the following locations:

- Wolf Ferrari House, Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany (2021)

- Festival Schubertiada, Barcelona, Spain (2022)

- Kuppritz Castle, Saxony (2021)

   other venues


Professor Britta Schwarz

Alt, University of Music and Performing Arts, Dresden

Prof Ewa Biegas

Soprano, Academy of Music "Karol Szymanowski" in Katowice, Poland

Professor Alexander Schmalcz

Pianist and song accompanist, University of Music and Performing Arts, Leipzig

Ulrich Kern

First conductor and deputy music director of the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz

Bartosz Żurakowski

Principal Conductor of the Sudeten Philharmonic, Artistic Director of the "Belle Voci" Festival

Alexandros Charkiolakis

Chairman, Society of Friends of Music, Megaron Mousikis Athinon (Athens)

Elena Ioannidou

Soprano, artistic direction Ars-Augusta eV

Repertoire - rounds

Each participant should prepare a program of 12 songs (approximately 40 minutes) from the following repertoire list, including at least four Schubert songs and at least one song in Greek. The songs should be sung in the original language and without sheet music. Selection of songs from the cycles and transposing is allowed.

Note: If the 12 songs together last less than 35 minutes, several songs from a cycle (e.g. by Ravel, Lourié or Kralik) may be judged as one song.

First round

F. Schubert: Two songs selected from the following  List.

Charles Gounod: "A une jeune grecque" (women) or "Maid of Athens" (men)

Semifinals - Finals

From the given program of 12 songs.

Semifinals: 20min (the jury will choose)

Finale: 20min (the jury will choose)

Repertoire list: link .

places, addresses

Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz-Zittau.

Demianiplatz 1, D-02826 Görlitz


Ars Augusta eV

Augustastrasse 6, D-02826 Görlitz

Phone +49 3581 8778460


Arrival/overnight stay in Görlitz

By train

Direct train from Wroclaw, Dresden, Berlin and Zittau.

By bus

Flixbus from Wroclaw, Berlin, Dresden.

By plane

Berlin Schoenefeld. Train to Gorlitz

Wroclaw. Then train to Görlitz

Dresden. Then train to Görlitz

Overnight stay / meals in Görlitz

We recommend the following cheap accommodation options.

We are in negotiations with the owners for special prices for the participants of the competition. Info available soon.

Overnight stay:

Peregrinus hostel (rehearsal rooms with piano available) website

Apartment with piano close to the theater AirBnB

Best Western Hotel via Regia (Sponsor) Booking

Old open factory  site   Google Maps

Pension in Wartburg  site   Google Maps

Villa Ephraim   booking g   Google Maps

Hotelik   Google Maps


(We are looking for cooperation partners for the cheapest possible offer)

About the city of Goerlitz


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