First prize €6,000

dr Herbert Speckner Prize of the municipality of Ottobrunn

The first prize of €6,000 is donated by the municipality of Ottobrunn and the chairman of the support group, Mr. Dietrich Wax, in memory of Dr. Herbert Speckner. The philhellene rendered great services to the Otto König von Greece Museum in Ottobrunn near Munich.

About the namesake:

In 1969 Herbert Speckner moved to Ottobrunn with his family. From the very beginning, his scientific and journalistic interest was in the history of the Ottobrunn settlement area and the community of Ottobrunn founded in 1955, as well as its namesake, the Bavarian King Otto of Greece, and his wife Amalie. After the founding of the Otto-King-of-Greece-Museum in the municipality of Ottobrunn in December 1989, the Bavarian-Greek history during the reign of King Otto became his heart and soul. In countless lectures, treatises, essays and articles, he contributed in a highly original way to a deeper understanding of this period of European history, which is comprehensively documented in the König Otto Museum. Thanks to his profound knowledge of the modern Greek language, he was able to rely on the original Greek sources in many cases. Also in his office as secretary of the Museums-Förderkreis, which he exercised with humor and esprit from its founding in January 1995 until his death, Herbert Speckner understood it in an inimitable way, many people for the exhibits of the König-Otto-Museum and the to inspire the story(s) behind it.

In 2015 he was awarded the Citizens' Medal of the Municipality of Ottobrunn for his great services. The district of Upper Bavaria awarded him the district medal in 2017 for his services to culture and the preservation of monuments.

Herbert Speckner left indelible traces. The community of Ottobrunn and the patrons of the Otto-König-von-Greece-Museum will always honor his memory.

The obituary about Dr. Speckner, the director of the Otto König von Greece Museum, Prof. Dr. Jan Murken written.

Read the obituary here >>>>

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Second prize  €4,000.00

of the Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien and the district of Görlitz

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third prize  €2,000

of the city of Görlitz

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Special price €1,000

Ibolyka Slotowski Prize

partly founded by the descendants of the Slotowski family

The special prize of €1,000.00  for the best piano accompaniment is partly donated by the Slotowski family. Ibolyka Slotowski was a Jewish pianist who lived in Görlitz before World War II.

About the namesake:

Ibolyka Feher Slotowski was born on August 29, 1900 in Budapest, Hungary. She came from a large Jewish family and was the eldest of 3 siblings. Ibolyka studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, where he received a diploma. Her teacher there was most likely Ernst (Ernő) von Dohnányi. At the age of 16 she won a piano competition and received a gold medal from Prince Esterházy!

At a concert in Budapest, she met businessman Walter Slotowski. Walter and Ibolyka married on December 23, 1923 in Budapest. Not long after their marriage, they moved to Görlitz, where they began raising their family.

The couple's first son, Tibor, was born on March 24, 1928 in Görlitz. A second son, Fery, joined the family on January 16, 1933. The Slotowski family was a member of the Görlitz synagogue and the Jewish community. Reportedly, Ibolyka and Walter had a good life in Görlitz before the Nazis seized power. Unfortunately, this happiness was not to last.

Ibolyka was initially admitted to the Reich Music Chamber, but in 1935 she was expelled and banned from performing. Due to the strong anti-Semitism in Görlitz, the family was forced to leave Görlitz. The family of four initially fled to Budapest to live with Ibolyka's parents, Theresea and Moritz. From there, the Slotowski family traveled to Loetzen to Walter's parents, Adolf and Klara. After saying goodbye to their families, the Slotowskis were ready to flee the increasingly dangerous continent of Europe.

History of the Slotowski family in Görlitz >>>>

Other donations to the foundation of the prize and to the competition:

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mende & wife Susanne Spahn, 

Ms. Gabriele and Mr. Richard Albrecht,

Mr. Berd Rosenstiel and Ms. Traudel Kochs,

Ms. Karin Thomas-Martin, Ms. Hana Schneider, Fred & Miriam Cohn

Mr. Kay von der Heydt & Ms. Anne-Katrin von der Heydt, 

Mr. Markwart Schnabel,

Mrs. Andrea von Wiedebach.

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