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Numerous spirits in Europe campaigned for the liberation of Greece with their poems at the beginning of the 19th century. Wilhem Müller, the poet of the "Winterreise", who tried to influence the general opinion in Europe with the "Greek songs", Victor Hugo with "Les Orientales", Henry Percy Shelley with "Hellas", Juliusz Slowacki with "Lambos" are just a few from them. Others even interfered directly in the battle, such as Lord Byron, who died in Missolongi. King Ludwig I of Bavaria also wrote poetry to support the Greeks' struggle for their freedom. Above all, however, it was Friedrich Schiller, Wolfgang von Goethe and above all Friedrich Hölderlin who with "Hyperion" expressed the whole longing of the European idealists for the old harmony. Here are some of the most famous poets of Phihellenism, and of course the ancient poets Sappho, Anacreon, Alkaios or Homeros....

First international Lied competition

Bolko von Hochberg 2022

A song for HELLAS


Song competition

on the subject of "HELLAS"


21.-25. March 2022





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